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Career Partner ProgramSM

This premier, 6-month career consulting program is ideal for senior executives and management professionals who are looking for intensive one-on-one counsel, strategy and support from a trusted advisor.

The Consulting Process

Career Potential, LLC will take you through a comprehensive career analysis to reveal what you really want, and then plan a strategy to get you there. By going through our five-phase career consulting process, we will implement a detailed plan of action that will leverage your proven strengths and build your career to even higher levels of success!

Who We Work With

Career Potential has worked with individuals from all industries and backgrounds, and clients typically:

  • Are senior executives and management professionals looking for significant career advancement in a current or new industry
  • Are searching for a new position or are transitioning into a different career
  • Need objective advice on long-term career strategy and/or immediate on-the-job improvement to enhance career satisfaction
  • Are seeking executive coaching to deal more effectively with job-related challenges and issues
  • Accept feedback well, are willing to change behavior and/or think about career issues in a new context
  • Are highly motivated to achieve their full career potential and create lasting success

How This Program Works

Although every client’s process is different, the Career Partner engagement includes:

  • Strategic discussions about current career issues and long-term planning
  • Exploration of professional background, including values clarification, work history, education, goals, etc.
  • Evaluation of career strengths, styles, and preferences (career assessments are used if appropriate)
  • Review, analysis, and selection of potential career paths
  • Tactics and tools for researching selected careers and job alternatives
  • Action planning and implementation help with the search campaign, and on-going support
  • Preparation of the resume, as well as many other critical “self-marketing” tools
  • Career coaching in specific job-seeking skills, such as networking, interviewing, negotiating, etc.
  • Intensive guidance through negotiations, offers, and assimilation into the new position

This program offers a “money-back” satisfaction guarantee.

The Career Consulting Relationship

In a fully confidential manner, Career Potential will provide the personalized guidance you need, offering the insight and experience to help you move forward. If you lose focus or get “stuck,” your Career Consultant will offer the structure and accountability to help you regain your momentum.

Counselor, coach, editor, strategist, advocate, mentor, “sounding board” – your Career Consultant will probably fulfill all these roles at different times in the consulting relationship. There is a personal commitment between Career Potential and every client. We see it as a partnership aimed at a single goal: helping you create and sustain the kind of career you want and deserve!

For information about professional fees, program enrollment and consultant availability, please contact Career Potential.

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Note: These services are intended for and provided to residents of the US and Canada only.

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