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Top athletes have personal trainers. High net-worth investors have financial advisors. As an accomplished executive or professional, why shouldn’t you have your own highly-experienced career expert who is truly committed to your success?

With longer life-spans and a constantly-changing employment market, most people will have multiple careers – not just many jobs. This necessitates a greater focus on career planning, with a longer-term perspective. It is more difficult than ever to navigate successfully through this entire process on your own.

Whether you’re considering changing jobs or improving your career management skills, it’s difficult to know where to start. There are usually conflicting thoughts and feelings involved, and too often the result is a kind of paralysis. In addition, most people simply lack the necessary resources, knowledge and skill to effectively pursue such transitions on their own.

At Career Potential, we help clients achieve their career objectives as efficiently and productively as possible. You’ll experience a much more successful transition process, and advance rapidly into a new career or better job that really “fits.” Click here for an outline of the services, skills and tools you’ll be able to leverage.

While every client engagement is customized to the individual, Career Potential always:

  • Helps you get totally clear on your career desires and goals
  • Identifies and eliminates the obstacles that are standing in your way
  • Provides a structured program and a system for accountability
  • Prepares you thoroughly for the career transition or job search
  • Leads you through a proven job search methodology
  • Coaches you through the stages of networking, interviewing and negotiating
  • Gives you the tools and resources you need for optimum success
  • Differentiates you with a complete portfolio of “self-marketing” documents
  • Helps you land the RIGHT job sooner, with maximum compensation
  • Assists you in developing a long-term plan for ongoing career management
  • Supports you through the challenging or discouraging moments

As a Career Potential client, you won’t feel “stuck” or “lost” as you progress through the phases of your career transition. You won’t waste time, energy or money on unproductive search activities. From the outset of the career consulting relationship, you’ll always know precisely where you stand, what to do and how to do it.

To determine which one of our four coaching programs would best suit your current career needs, please review the options below:

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Note: These services are intended for and provided to residents of the US and Canada only.

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