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“There is just a small handful of people I have met throughout my years that have made a profound impact on my life – and Ford Myers tops my list! His experience, professionalism, insight, coaching and guidance have not only helped me secure my dream job, but have helped me in all other facets of my life. Ford was there for me every step of the way, and I could not have done it without him. When I hear folks complaining about the job search process, I know they haven’t met Ford Myers!”

B. Sinkus, Senior Sales Executive

“I was fortunate to work closely with Ford during a recent job transition. He was exactly the right Career Coach to guide me through it. Ford’s expertise is impressive. Without question, I am a better senior executive as a result of his coaching. I strongly recommend Ford’s program to anyone who wants to unlock more of his or her career potential.”

M. Challman, Senior Supply Chain Executive

“If you’re in need of a ‘career whisperer,’ I highly recommend Ford R. Myers. Ford’s proven process was exactly what I needed to clarify my career direction, greatly improve my resume and LinkedIn profile, and set me up for success in networking, interviewing and negotiation. With compassion and clarity, he taught me the fine art of career management, which goes well beyond, but includes, landing my next fully-aligned position. Ford shared things that made so much sense, I can’t believe I’d never learned them before. I now feel confident, engaged and energized by my career direction. No matter where you are in your work-life, Ford’s services are well worth the investment to have expert guidance in your career!”

C. Jamison, Arts and Nonprofit Management Professional

“This is going to be a seminal year for me, and so much of that is due to the hard and thorough work we have done together. I look forward to continuing to work with you this year in new and different ways – all in alignment with my professional and personal goals. You are the rock star career coach of the century!”

S. Poglinco, Senior Program Management and Project Leadership Executive

“I recently hired Ford to support me through a major career transition. I am so grateful for Ford’s wise counsel and comforting presence during these past few weeks. The experience may have been far more challenging and the outcome much different if I had gone through this alone. I will most certainly consider hiring him again for more career coaching!”

E. Perry, Senior Human Resources Professional

“Ford is the consummate professional. He is not only a natural-born teacher and coach, he provides an excellent model for how someone at the top of his/her field should look, sound, and relate to others. Working with Ford has been a truly life-changing experience. I wish I had more space to tell the story of how he helped me turn over a new leaf with my career!”

J. Laramee, Information Technology Professional

“I met Ford Myers many times at seminars and networking events, and was skeptical of making an investment in career coaching. But my job search was inconsistent and frustrating, so I retained Ford to help me through a career transition. He gave me the tools I needed to be well-prepared and confident in my search. Without Ford’s guidance and expertise, I would not have been able to develop the materials and mindset necessary to achieve my career goals. Ford’s coaching has taken me from Career Potential to Career Success!”

K. Purcell, Senior Non-Profit Executive

“Ford Myers was tremendously helpful to me in my recent job search during which I utilized his book, The Ultimate Career Guide, as well as individual coaching. Ford was an invaluable resource, particularly when it came to weighing offers. As I prepared to begin my new role, he provided excellent suggestions for making an effective transition. I heartily endorse his services!”

J. Scott, Project Management Executive

“My interview preparation was perfect. I went in with optimism and confidence. I ‘owned’ the interviews – all four of them. I was able to represent myself as a qualified, competent candidate. I accepted the position with an increase of $20,000. Thanks again for all your help!”

C. Gearron, Hospitality Service Professional

“Working with Ford was the best investment I could have made in my career. His firm but gentle guidance, and incredibly valuable advice, were exactly what I needed to get myself back on track. I am now able to clearly articulate my strengths to the marketplace. Ford is an outstanding resource that any executive would be smart to have at his or her side!”

D. Newman, Business Consultant and Author

“Thank you for your top-notch help in my search process. I am absolutely delighted with my new job. I was extremely impressed with the abundance and quality of the material you provided. You are highly professional, extremely dedicated, and very good at what you do. The quality of your services is reflected in the wonderful position that I landed with your help!”

J. Monster, Corporate Development Professional

“The resources you provide, along with your incredible guidance and wisdom, makes Career Potential THE standard by which all other career coaches should be judged. I transitioned from hopeless to hopeful; from passive to proactive; from unclear to crystal clear; from bound-up to boundless. I am confident that I will now stand-out above all others in any interview or hiring situation. For this, I am eternally grateful to you!”

T. Fukui, Operations Executive

“When I hired Ford, I was stuck and totally frustrated. Working with Ford has been life-changing for me. It wasn’t just his knowledge that spoke to me. It was his kindness and empathy that helped me the most. The transformation was like an exorcism. All the things that were stuck inside me were finally out, on paper and looked great. I felt incredibly free, strong and confident. I am finally laser-focused and completely calm and centered. I know exactly what I want and how to actually get it. What a relief. I have a true career partner. Ford GETS me and it’s really been a balm to my soul.”

L. Maryfield, Telecommunications Executive

“Ford Myers’ work transcends the discipline of Career Coaching. He literally changes people’s lives in so many ways! Ford gave me achievable objectives each week, helped me learn more about myself, showed me how to take charge of my career, and taught me to effectively market myself to potential employers. I look forward to continuing to work with Ford, because there is so much more that I can learn from him throughout my career. Engaging Ford as my Career Coach was the best professional investment I ever made!”

C. Taflin, Financial and Business Strategy Professional

“Ford is an exceptional career coach and mentor. He is highly professional and organized, and has a unique insight into the job market. His approach is very personal, and he tailors his program to your specific needs. I would highly recommend Ford to anyone at any stage of their career. He has literally changed my life!”

D. Dugan, Senior Management Professional

“Thank you for your help and guidance with my career transition. This is a tough market in a tough economy, and you have given me the skills to succeed. I came to you scared and unsure whether I could network, and you proved me wrong. The knowledge I received from you showed me a new way to handle a job search in any market. I have worked with other career consulting firms, but your personal service and unique approach put your company in a class by itself!”

J. Koffler, Client Relationship Management Executive

“When I was job searching, Ford’s career coaching gave me the knowledge, the discipline and the confidence to advance to the next level in my career. The strategies and tactics outlined in his system gave me the foundation and skills to go out and secure a new position. I cannot recommend Ford’s program highly enough to anyone looking for a new job or trying to break into the job market after a layoff!”

S. Nesich, Marketing Consultant

“I started working with Ford following a lay-off after 21 years with the same company. Along with very personalized coaching, Ford guided me through the development of an impressive set of tools and techniques that got me back into the marketplace, and made me feel confident about where I was headed and my abilities. With Ford’s guidance, I was able to effectively set myself apart from the competition, and have received very positive comments after interviews. I highly recommend Ford to anyone who is in the marketplace searching for a job, as well as to anyone serious about taking their career to the next level!”

C. McCormick, Convention Marketing Professional

“Ford is a consummate career management professional. His common sense and practical approach to career management and job search strategies have advanced my career income and opportunities. I would recommend his services to any professional looking for career guidance and wisdom!”

D. Schmidt, Director of Business Development

“Working with Career Potential has been a very positive and valuable experience. Your knowledge and insights about the process of career management are highly effective. The training I received in interviewing and negotiation alone proved to be an excellent investment. Your coaching, combined with your genuine interest in my success, allowed me to position my career for explosive growth!”

J. Maketa, Business Development Professional

“I was certainly fortunate to receive two offers at the same time. The decision-making process was exciting, and I am confident that I have made the best choice. My consulting experience with you was educational, informative and ultimately fulfilling. Thank you for your guidance, support and time!”

G. Faulkner, Sales Professional

“I can’t thank you enough for the astute advice, support and guidance you gave me during my job search. I’m convinced that it provided me with the confidence to not only get the offer, but to also make the most of the negotiations!”

S. Fetterman, Attorney

“I aced the interview and received an offer the very next day! I was about to give up my chosen career. You helped me to see what I had already achieved, and that I had the potential to achieve much more. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this transition without your support and sensible approach to moving beyond the pain of losing a job and finding a new beginning elsewhere!”

G. Howell, College Professor

“I’m writing to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful support you provided during my transition. You were an invaluable resource to me. I found you to be a talented and gifted facilitator, a trusted advisor and a wonderful coach. You have made a lasting contribution to my professional career!”

J. Kralovec, Consulting Professional

“I wanted to reach out to you and let you how much you helped me. The work we did is paying off. I was looking back on the writing exercises you had me do, and it is amazing – I am now living my ‘ideal work day.’ Thank you for all your wonderful advice and guidance. I hope our paths will cross again!”

C. Baeza, Fashion Production Designer

“You brought unique and valuable capabilities to your coaching work. Your straightforward approach, efficiency and pleasant demeanor always facilitated productive meetings and resulted in concrete goal-setting. It was a pleasure to work closely with you on my career!”

S. Cook, Pharmaceutical Researcher

“I cannot adequately express how grateful I am for having been able to access your expertise, and for your support and vigilance on my behalf throughout this process. The system you have created is a real winner. And your ability to morph seamlessly among so many roles is an intangible that is truly your ‘special sauce.’ You are gifted at your work!”

R. Clifford, Marketing Services Executive

“My job search has come to a successful conclusion! I want you to know how much I appreciate the support and encouragement you provided. Your insights and suggestions were of great value as I navigated through new territory. I am very pleased with the new position, and I thank you for your guidance!”

A. Marks, Business Development Manager

“The materials I’ve ordered from you have always left me feeling more clear, instead of more confused! All the information is focused and efficient. The tools are amazingly practical and helpful, because they really work! The products you’ve created are nothing less than a blueprint for success. Thank you for these wonderful career resources!”

E. Frumin, Educator and Minister

“Your approach was remarkable. With your guidance, I faced my career transition with enthusiasm and determination. As a result of your patience and insight, I was able to recognize the value of my inner resources – which provided me with the confidence to develop a rewarding career.”

T. Meth, Paralegalte

“Without your no-nonsense advice about the negotiation process, I’m sure I would have settled for the first salary figure offered to me. I used the strategies you shared with me, and the result was a $4,000 increase in my starting pay, not to mention the non-salary factors I was able to negotiate on top of that! Thanks again for helping me negotiate the best deal for my new position!”

V. Christman, College Administrator

“I retained Ford under the assumption that he would help me refine my professional documents and ultimately help me land a new job. What I experienced was much more than that. Ford changed my entire thought process for the better. He coached me through my preconceived notions about myself and my work. Ford provided motivational, educational and critical insight into my career and life. I am extremely pleased to say that with Ford’s assistance, I transitioned out of my old company and into a dynamic new opportunity that perfectly suits my talents. I would highly recommend hiring Ford as an Executive Career Coach if given the opportunity!”

J. Rosenfeld, Operations Professional

“I am very grateful for the things I learned from you while I was working on my career transition. I am using all the tools you taught me about networking and building relationships. I received a 50% raise in my new job, and am very happy working with a wonderful company. Please keep me on your e-mail list!”

D. Wenker, Social Service Professional

“After 16 years with my last employer, I was very unsure about my job search. But with your help, I felt that I had complete control of my interviews. I was also able to negotiate an additional $9,000 above the initial salary offer. In today’s job market, no one can afford to be without your consulting!”

R. Prosini, Marketing Services Executive

“I am thrilled with my new opportunity. I got the job that was perfect for my talents and background, and I could never have done it without you. I cannot thank you enough for your concern and dedication. You provided the perfect formula for getting me through the challenges of my career transition!”

A. Tempest, Marketing Professional

“I don’t know where to start – I’m just so appreciative! You are such a gifted, extraordinary consultant – and a really fine person. I was fortunate to work with you, even for the brief amount of time we worked together.”

L. Fox, College Human Resources Director

“After reading your materials, I am now able to master the tasks needed to successfully manage my career transition and not feel overwhelmed by the process. I just started interviewing, and my confidence level has grown 100%!”

D. Greenberg, Publishing Executive

“You are the best professional I have ever worked with, with excellent skills in all areas. This was my third career change, so I know of what I speak. My personal thanks to you!”

J. Armour, Manufacturing Executive

“You are one of the best listeners I have ever known. You always give insightful feedback that gives me new perspective – and you do it with warmth, candor and humor. You believe in my ability to succeed, which continually adds to my self-confidence.”

H. Love, Freelance Writer

“I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes to the number of possibilities that are available to me, and for the confidence you have in me achieving my goals. It means a lot to me, to know that I have someone like you in my corner – raising the bar, setting higher standards, and pushing me to become the person I am capable of becoming!”

C. Malloy, Health Care Executive

“I feel empowered during our conversations because you help me gain insight into myself and my situation. The powerful questions you ask prompt me to go within and find my own answers. Your coaching over the past five months has been instrumental in making my transitions very successful. Thank you for believing in me and supporting my efforts.”

C. Crusade, Corporate Trainer

“The tangible ‘real dollar’ value of your service far outweighs the fees you charge. You coached me through my salary negotiation, which resulted in a 33% increase in my initial compensation package, plus a review in six months with an additional $10,000! I can’t thank you enough.”

J. Norman, Publishing Executive

“Of all the people I met, your counsel was more valuable than all the rest combined. You took the time and had the skill to genuinely understand me. Your straight talk and honest advice helped me make the best career decisions.”

L. Schulsinger, Consulting Firm Principal

“Your insightful questions and comprehensive assessments provided me with the tools necessary to make a significant presentation to my firm’s Board of Directors. As a result, I have been promoted to senior management, and will be starting an international division”

W. Morrison, Investment Banker”

“Thank you for your top-notch help in my search process. I am absolutely delighted with my new job! I was extremely impressed with the abundance and quality of the material you provided. You are highly professional, extremely dedicated, and very good at what you do. The quality of your services is reflected in the wonderful position that I landed with your help!”

J. Moser, Financial Professional

“I have relied on Ford’s expert advice for five+ years. The high caliber of his work is immediately evident upon working with him. I have worked with Ford through two job transitions, and his guidance has helped me gain insight into my true talents, as well as double my earnings!”

J. Kaelin, Human Resources Executive

“I am a very confident man, but when I had to negotiate my own salary, I was almost willing to settle for mediocrity. That is where you came in. Without your guiding me through my career transition, I would not be this far ahead in my game.”

B. Whitney, Financial Services Executive

“I highly recommend Career Potential to anyone who wants to rapidly move to a place where they can create their own exciting opportunities. You helped me change my outlook, to take control over my career management. In addition to outstanding coaching, your materials are comprehensive and well thought-out – with good examples and easy-to-use tools!”

D. Hollingsworth, Senior Technology Consultant

“I cannot find words to express my appreciation for the help you gave me in my job search. You gave me expert advice and assured me that opportunities do exist for those with a willingness to follow a non-traditional approach. Your suggestions really did work!”

J. Oliver, Director of Manufacturing

“I can remember those numerous times coming to your office feeling paralyzed by indecision. Your patience, perceptiveness and encouragement permitted me to make this giant career change. Thank you again!”

T. Fisher, Psychologist and Professor

“You helped me see that taking ownership of my job gave me more options than I thought, which quelled my anxiety. I realized I did not need a new career after all, but a new attitude. Now my job remains deeply satisfying on many levels.”

V. Ford, Magazine Editor


FORD R. MYERS is an award-winning, nationally-known Career Coach, best-selling author and speaker. He is the President of Career Potential, LLC, a premier provider of career success services. Through powerful individual, corporate and government career programs, Ford has helped thousands of clients take charge of their careers, create the work they love, and earn what they deserve!

Thank you for your interest. However, at this time we are not taking any new clients.

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