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Many people feel this way when they start thinking about career coaching. The best way to explore the possibility of doing a program is to register for a “Career Breakthrough Session.” There is no fee or obligation for this initial phone consultation, and no “sales pitch.” By the end of the session, you’ll know if this is something you’d like to pursue or not. To request your free “Career Breakthrough Session,” please click here.

Your career is in transition or you’d like to manage your career more effectively. You want to make positive changes as quickly and painlessly as possible. You have three options: (1) work with Career Potential; (2) hire another career services firm; or (3) conduct your search alone. Click here to find out why Career Potential is your best choice!

We are proud of our long history of exceeding clients’ expectations and transforming their professional lives. Click here to read what some of our clients have said about Career Potential.

Career Potential works with accomplished executives and professionals who are serious about achieving their career potential. However, we have had the privilege of assisting a wide range of clients, from recent college graduates to CEOs. We believe this work can produce transformational results for individuals in any field and at any level. The only requirements are that a client be committed to the process, be willing to do the work, be accountable, and be able to engage in a productive career coaching relationship.

Your Career Potential Consultant will work closely with you, helping you to clarify and achieve your career objectives. Top athletes have personal trainers. High net-worth investors have financial advisors. And at Career Potential, you work with your own “career advocate” who is truly committed to your success.

There are few things in life more challenging than being in a state of career transition. It can lead to self-doubt about your marketability, fears about your future and even a sense of paralysis. But you don’t have to face these issues alone! Our programs can help you overcome those feelings, and help you regain your momentum. After going through our career consulting process, most clients discover that they have many more options than they ever imagined possible, and they are able to produce extraordinary career results.

If you’ve reviewed the descriptions of our consulting programs, but you’re not sure which option is best for you, click here to see a convenient chart that compares our programs.

Many of our clients are local to the Philadelphia area, where Career Potential is based. We have also worked successfully with a great number of “long distance” clients via telephone, e-mail and video conference (Zoom®). If you genuinely want help with your career, we’ll be pleased to work with you if you’re located anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Clients in our individual career coaching programs can expect to meet with their consultant (in person or on the phone) at least once a week, and sometimes more frequently. Of course, e-mail and telephone contact is ongoing throughout the consulting program. Clients have different needs and schedules, so we provide the individualized help they need exactly when and how they need it. The Career QuickStart program is limited to telephone coaching. Our group coaching programs meet via teleconference once a week.

Many clients who want greater career direction and clarity can benefit greatly from objective career assessments. These tools can have a powerful impact on the career development process. In fact, many clients have reported that taking these profiles represented a major turning point in their careers. Career testing is included in the Career Partner Program; and is treated as an “option” in the Career Mentor Program. Assessments are not included in the Career QuickStart program or our Ultimate Career Group program.

Career Potential often works with individuals as our direct clients. With a long history of working in the career development field, we also work very effectively with organizations. In these cases, the employer “sponsors” the career transition or career development programs of their employees. Delivery options for these programs are flexible, and include “in person” consulting and training (at our office or on-site at the organization), teleconference classes, and one-on-one consulting by phone. Our employer-sponsored consulting programs are appropriate for both individuals and groups.

Career Potential provides you with all the resources and services you’ll need to succeed in your search, or to manage your career more effectively. We assist you in developing the skills that will produce breakthrough results and the tools that will get you noticed! Click here for an outline of the services, skills and tools clients can leverage.

Seeking career consultation or executive coaching is very much like working with an attorney or psychologist, in the sense that confidentiality is clearly an important concern. It simply “goes with the territory.” We are highly sensitive to this issue, and ensure that complete confidentiality is maintained at all times. In all the years we have been involved in this field, working with literally thousands of clients and groups, we have never received a single complaint about a lapse in this standard.

Career Potential is compensated either directly by the individual client, or by the sponsoring employer. In either case, the full fee for our career consulting programs is usually paid in advance. In some cases, a monthly “payment plan” can be arranged. Checks and major credit cards are accepted. For additional information on professional fees, please use our online Contact Form or call 1-610-649-4343.

For clients who enroll in any of our career transition programs, all consulting time is included in the one-time fee, whether the work is done “face-to-face” or not. You’ll never be billed for additional time during your program’s duration unless you specifically request one of our program “options.”

Career Potential offers a wide range of premier career services, from a unique “home study system” to intensive, one-on-one career coaching programs. These consulting programs last from one month to six months in duration. If you genuinely want career help, Career Potential can definitely provide it at a level that will be affordable for your budget and appropriate to your needs. We provide career solutions ranging from less than $100 to many thousands of dollars. Your Senior Consultant will be glad to explain the fees for each option.

Every person who comes to Career Potential has different needs, so each one attains different results. The work we do is often transformational. Typical client results include: creating a new position; making a successful career change; gaining total clarity on career direction; getting promoted to senior management; dramatically increasing a salary offer; and many more. Click here to see specific client results.

Since the fees for our career coaching programs are fully-paid in advance, there is no financial penalty for missed appointments. However, it is vitally important that clients honor their commitment to the consulting relationship. This means consistently “showing-up” for in-person coaching sessions and remote meetings.

If you’re concerned that Career Potential might not have consulting experience in your particular industry, you needn’t be! This is for two reasons: first, the career consulting process is very much the same, regardless of what field you work in. Second, we have worked successfully with clients from virtually every industry that exists. These include: Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace, Apparel, Architecture, Arts, Automotive, Aviation, Banking, Biotechnology, Broadcasting, Computers, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Products, Customer Service, Economics, Education, Electronics, Engineering, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food Service, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Human Resources, Information Technology, Insurance, Internet, Law, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Military, Non-Profit, Pharmaceuticals, Printing, Public Relations, Publishing, Purchasing, Real Estate, Research, Retail, Sales, Science, Shipping, Software, Sports, Telecommunications, Tourism, Training, Transportation, Utilities … and more!

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