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Are you serious about achieving your career potential? Have you been considering engaging a Career Coach to help with your job search or career management? If the answers to these questions are both “YES,” then you’re invited to participate in an intensive “Career Breakthrough Session.”

This complimentary phone consultation is 100% focused on your career questions, issues, challenges and concerns. It’s also a great way to determine if our career coaching program would be right for you. There’s no fee or obligation, and no “sales pitch.”

Your free “Career Breakthrough Session” includes:

  • Discussion about your current job / career situation
  • Exploration of how you would ideally like your job / career to be
  • Evaluation of your job search or career management strategy
  • Review of obstacles that could be getting in your way
  • Introduction of a pathway toward career solutions and progress

We want to be sure that this phone coaching session will be a good use of your time and ours. To see if this will be a good fit, please review the items below and check all the boxes that accurately describe you.

Are you…

If you checked seven or more of the boxes above, the free “Career Breakthrough Session” will certainly be beneficial for you! (If you checked fewer boxes, this phone coaching session would probably not be appropriate or helpful).

Please complete the short form below to request your “Career Breakthrough Session.” All fields are required.

Note: This service is intended for and provided to residents of the US and Canada only.


    One of our senior career coaches will contact you promptly to schedule your “Career Breakthrough Session!” Thank you.

    “Thank you for speaking with me via telephone today. I sincerely appreciate all the time you spent discussing my career goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was more than helpful, and you gave me a new perspective on available opportunities. Plus, your book will be a great resource to further my job search. I greatly appreciate the support and resources you have provided me!”
    – A. Semmel

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