The Ultimate Career Guide


The Ultimate Career Guide is a self-guided career transition system that offers virtually all the same information, knowledge, resources, tools and templates that our full-program consulting clients receive. The only product of its kind, this comprehensive career management system represents the most cost-effective outplacement solution available. Candidates progress at their own pace in a structured program that is clearly laid-out in this 220+ page “bible” of career transition and job search. The Ultimate Career Guide is an outstanding investment in your employees’ career future, and the value it offers is extraordinary.

The Consulting Process

The process of working through The Ultimate Career Guide is completely self-guided and self-paced. Candidates can take as much time as they need to maximize their use of all the strategies, tactics, worksheets, forms, examples, and step-by-step instructions included on every page of the Guide.

How This Program Works

Participants work through the proprietary 5-phase Career Potential process that’s easy to learn with the support of the complete Ultimate Career Guide multimedia package. Much more than just a book on resume writing or interviewing skills, The Ultimate Career Guide is a “hands-on, how to” manual for career management. It’s packed with detailed instructions that are instantly applicable in “the real world.” Everything is explained in “plain English,” with the structure to keep candidates on track, plus plenty of examples and templates to follow.

The Ultimate Career Guide shows candidates exactly how to:

  • Write “Accomplishment Stories” with a simple 5-question formula and 12 most powerful words
  • Develop the verbal “Positioning Statement” and “Departure Statement” – and use them to quickly generate interest and easily overcome objections
  • Build a “Job Seeker’s Tool Kit” – 10 must-have tools to market the candidate effectively
  • Create an extraordinary resume that practically “jumps off the page” and gets fast results
  • Get the most from an existing network of contacts with a specific 9-step follow-up system
  • Clearly stand-out from the competition, so candidates consistently land on the “short list” of finalists
  • Ace the interview using little-known research tools and specialized question-and-answer techniques
  • Impress employers so much that they’ll start “chasing” the candidate, instead of the candidate always having to chase the employer
  • Negotiate with ease for much more money, better benefits, and compensation enhancements in many other aspects of the offer
  • Objectively compare and evaluate multiple offers, to make the best career decisions
  • And much, much more!

Simply put, investing in this dynamic career management system is like buying “career insurance” for your employees. It guarantees that they will be well-prepared, fully-equipped, and ready to navigate any career transition – now or in the future, voluntary or not, under any economic conditions! The Ultimate Career Guide is the best choice for employers who are seeking the most cost-efficient, practical solution that will have a powerful impact on any displaced employee.

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