The Power of Pull Marketing in Your Job Search

Friday, March 16th, 2018 | Posted in Blog, Ford Myers

In Part 1 of this 3-part blog and video series, Ford R. Myers, Award-Winning Career Coach and Author, discusses how “pull marketing” helps you achieve your career potential.

Watch the video above, or read Ford’s interview below with guest Susan Fletcher:


Can you explain the concept of pull marketing and how it’s different from the traditional ways of marketing yourself in the job search today, such as sending out resumes or contacting employers?


Sure. Pull marketing is the exact opposite of push marketing. The traditional model is to push yourself out there – contacting employers, scheduling networking meetings, sending out resumes, going to job fairs. It’s very assertive.

The pull marketing concept is about drawing employers and recruiters to you through marketing methods, establishing your brand, building your credibility and visibility, and making it so that employers and recruiters really want to get in touch with you. Essentially, you’re presold because by the time they contact you, they really want to talk to you and they might want to bring you in for an interview.


Wow! That’s a really different concept. Most of us are taught that we have to push, push, push to get a job. Isn’t that the case?


It’s not the case. I have found that the more you push and the more aggressive you are, the more the recruiters and employers back away from you. So by getting them to come to you, drawing them to you, it’s much, much more effective.


You mentioned that there are only two ways to get a job – either go knocking with what you call push marketing, or have people come asking, which you say is pull marketing. How do you go about coaching your clients to have them embrace this idea of pull marketing?


That’s a good question. The way I get the clients to buy into this idea is that I simply show them the results. I tell them stories about other clients who have embraced this model and the amazing results that they’ve been able to produce. It’s just so much more effective and efficient when it’s done correctly. So, the clients do need some coaching on how to do it right and what steps to take, but once we get that done, it’s amazing the kind of results that they can also produce.


Is pull marketing something new that’s just recently being done, or have we been doing this all along and not known it?


I think some people, intuitively, might have been doing pull marketing. They might not have had a name for it. They might not have really known what they were doing strategically. But I coined this phrase and I formalized it recent years, and I’ve been teaching it to clients ever since.


I liked your statement that you wrote, “Nobody likes to be sold, but everybody likes to buy.” I can attest to that. I love to buy. But how does a job seeker resist the urge to sell? If I really need a job, I’m going to push myself.


I know, I know. It’s true, but I have found that if you give a client a lot of help and support, if you hold them accountable, if you talk to them about patience and discipline, putting in a lot of the work up-front so they get better results later, they learn to trust the process with the discipline and patience that I mentioned. Then they actually seem to embrace this, and they do very well with it most of the time.


So what you’re saying is with pull marketing, you want your candidates to be more visible and credible so that they attract the employers and recruiters to them.




How can they become more visible and credible?


Well, it’s about building visibility, as you said, and credibility. As I said before, you’re sort of presold. By the time the employer or the recruiter finds you, you’re already in. They already like you. They really want to talk to you and get to know you as a candidate.

The methods to do this include such things as building your visibility and being very active on social media; also writing articles and posting them wherever possible online or in print; giving talks or speeches in your niche or in your community; and even joining associations and professional organizations and becoming a leader in those groups to become highly visible and credible among the members.


These are things you can just start doing tomorrow just by getting out there and maybe pushing the boundaries, right?


I think it’s true. And I think anybody can do this. This is not just for senior-level executives. It’s not just for well-known authors and experts in their fields. It’s for anybody who can embrace this pull marketing model. They can go far with this!

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