Volume Eleven, Issue Seven — September 2015

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Feature Article:

The Shoo-in Trap

By Karen Huller, CPRW

Personal and Professional Brand Strategist – Social Media Specialist – Income Optimizer

As regular readers of “Your Career Advocate” know, I sometimes feature the writing of other experts in this space. I thought this article by Karen Huller would be an ideal selection, because it addresses a career dilemma that more and more candidates are confronting in today’s challenging job market. – Ford R. Myers

Beth was certain she was a shoo-in at her dream company. The web administrator had gone through several interviews and even met with the company’s CEO. During each interview, she was told that she was an excellent candidate and that she was perfect for the job. Everything seemed to be going Beth’s way, and she began to think there was no way she wouldn’t land the job. After receiving great feedback from her potential employer for a month, Beth quit searching for other jobs. She even turned-down interviews and offers from other companies to focus solely on her dream job. Several more weeks passed and Beth received a phone call. The Web Administration job at her dream company had gone to a stronger candidate. She was shocked and devastated. She had put all of her job prospect hopes on one position at one company and the position fell through. Nearly two months had passed and Beth suddenly found herself having to rebuild momentum for another job search.

In Beth’s case, she originally had momentum going into her job search. Momentum in the job search is like a steam train. It takes a lot of preparation to get the train to start moving and to get the fire hot enough to boil the water. Once that train starts, it takes less and less effort to keep it going. When you know there’s a mountain up ahead, you put a little extra coal into the fire to keep the train moving. It gets tougher toward the top, but once you reach the pinnacle, it’s an easy road down. Depending on one opportunity to come through, no matter how certain you are, is like getting the fire going to get the train moving, and then expecting that fire to create enough steam to move you up a mountain. The thing about a mountain is that you know when it’s coming; you have a map and can see it in the distance. In your job search, a mountain can be any obstacle and you don’t necessarily know it’s coming. In that respect, it’s like any challenge or unexpected change in life. In a job search, anything can happen, and as a former recruiter, I can tell you with 100% certainty that nothing is 100% certain.

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You’re Invited – Two Career Success Events – September 2015

Event #1 – Monday, September 21, 2015

Topic: Transferable Skills

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location: Caramanico Maguire Associates, Building 610, Blue Bell, PA
Investment: Free!

Perhaps you’re changing careers, or have not landed your first job yet. Maybe the industry you’ve always worked in has been shrinking, or is even disappearing. You may feel that there is “no hope”to break into a new field, or you may fear that you’ll need to take a big step down in order to change your career direction.

By understanding and identifying your transferable (portable) skills, your new career can become a reality!

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Event #2 – Monday, September 28, 2015

Topic: 10 Vital Strategies To Maximize Your Career Success!

Time: 9:00am to 11:30pm
Location: Radnor Financial Center, Radnor, PA
Investment: $25.00

What if you could discover the “secrets” that determine who will reach full potential in their career, and who will not? That’s exactly what this powerful presentation will reveal. Real success is achieved not just in knowing these “insider strategies,” but in applying them in a consistent, systematic manner.

Career expert and author Ford R. Myers will show you exactly how to leverage these 10 powerful strategies, to help you move your career forward – no matter what level you’ve already achieved in your profession.

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Ford R. Myers on Sirius XM Radio 9/14/15

On Monday, September 14 at 1:00pm Eastern Time, Ford will be the guest on “Career Talk,” a new radio program carried on SiriusXM Radio and sponsored by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The topic of the show will be “Red Flags in Job Search and Career Management.” This is a great opportunity for people across the country and around the world to tap into the expertise of two award-winning career coaches (Ford and the show’s host, Dawn Graham). Log-on at http://www.siriusxm.com to listen LIVE! Select Channel 111 and look for “Career Talk.” If you’re not already a SiriusXM subscriber, this would be a good time to sign-up.

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