Volume Thirteen, Issue Four — May 2017

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Feature Article:

The Perfect Match Letter

By Ford R. Myers
President of Career Potential, LLC

When responding to an advertised job opening, following-up after an interview, or pursuing an opportunity arising out of your networking activities, a particularly strong format for your cover letter is called a “Perfect Match Letter.”

All three of the situations mentioned above offer the chance to sell yourself by matching YOUR experience/strengths/contributions to THEIR problems/needs/challenges.

The “Perfect Match Letter” gets its name from the fact that your letter is divided into two columns with a line down the middle of the page, giving the body text an overall appearance of a two-column “matching exercise.” The left-side column heading should be “Your Requirements” and the right-side column heading should be “My Qualifications.” You will fill the left-side column with bullet points outlining the credentials and experience that the company is looking for. The right-side column will have its own list of bullet points, itemizing your matching qualifications for each of the job’s requirements.

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You’re Invited – Career Success Seminar – May 2017

Transferable Skills

Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017
10:00am to 12:30pm
Location: Radnor Financial Center, Radnor, PA
Investment: $25.00

Perhaps you’re changing careers, or have not landed your new job yet. Maybe the industry you’ve always worked in has been shrinking, or is even disappearing. You may feel that there is “no hope” to break into a new field, or you may fear that you’ll need to take a big step down in order to change your career direction.

By understanding and identifying your transferable (portable) skills, a new and better career can become a reality!

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[quote cite=”M.J. Wagner, Career Services Professional” class=”cite-long”]I had the pleasure of finally putting a face to the elusive, legendary name of Ford Myers this week at a HireOne event. I got a lot of inspiration from Ford’s presentation on transferable skills. I like anyone who can infuse a natural sense of humor into their interaction with the audience. I would highly recommend Ford at your next event, but that is probably a given with his level of following![/quote]

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