Volume Thirteen, Issue Five — June 2017

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Feature Article:

Congratulations on Your New Job! Now Position Yourself for the Future.

By Ford R. Myers
President of Career Potential, LLC

You’ve landed your new job (or soon will). Congratulations! Now you can “put your feet up” and take it easy, right? Wrong! In many ways, your work is just beginning. This is the time start thinking about your future – which starts on the first day of your new job and continues through the rest of your working life.

Ask yourself these questions:
– How will you maximize your chances for success in the new job, and minimize your chances of failure?
– How will you offer the highest level of contribution to the new organization?
– How will you establish a positive and productive relationship with your new boss?
– How will you build strong and effective teams?
– How will you align with the company’s most important goals and priorities?
– How will you continue learning, and expanding your impact at work?

These questions, and others like them, could “make or break” your next position.

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You’re Invited – Career Success Seminar – June 2017

Stop Procrastinating: Get Inspired to Make Meaningful Career Progress Today

Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2017
10:00am to 12:30pm
Location: Radnor Financial Center, Radnor, PA
Investment: $25.00

My job search has lost steam … I lack clarity in what I am looking for … I feel like I am going in circles … I have no plan … A little voice inside is telling me I’m not good enough or smart enough …

Sound familiar? If so, you aren’t alone. Maintaining confidence, motivation and momentum during an extensive job search can be exhausting.

In this session, you’ll learn the five stages of the D.R.E.A.M. framework technique to help you regain your “mojo” and empower you to land a great job.

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Skype® Career Coaching

Skype logo - Skype Career CoachingFor many years, we have worked via Skype® with “long distance” clients (or local clients whose circumstances make it difficult to visit our offices). Our coaching model allows us to work remotely and still provide exceptional levels of connection, quality and impact. We are happy to serve clients from anywhere in the United States and Canada via Skype®.

Here are just some of the benefits of doing career coaching via Skype®:

Time – clients save time by not having to travel to our offices for coaching sessions
Comfort – clients are often more comfortable working from their own homes or offices
Flexibility – clients experience fewer planning conflicts and more flexibility with scheduling
Convenience – clients who travel for work are still able to make their coaching appointments by using mobile devices from anywhere

Career coaching via Skype® is easy and effective. For more information, please visit: https://careerpotential.com/skype-career-coach/

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For those who have been asking, LinkedIn is the social media platform I engage in most and spend the most time on. If you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn, click here and send me a brief invitation. Be sure to mention that you are a subscriber to “Your Career Advocate” (this e-newsletter), so I’ll accept your invitation quickly.

I post regular articles on LinkedIn and offer a lot of other value there. One of my recent posts was “It’s Not About The Job; It’s About Your Life!” To read it, just click here.

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Career Potential, LLC YouTube channelDid you know that Career Potential, LLC has its own YouTube channel? Check it out, and watch all our TV interviews and educational presentations online. It’s FREE, and you’ll learn quite a lot by watching. Just visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/careerpotential and access all the video segments. Below is one of them for you to enjoy.

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[quote cite=”J. Monster, Corporate Development Professional” class=”cite-long”]Thank you for your top-notch help in my search process. I am absolutely delighted with my new job. I was extremely impressed with the abundance and quality of the material you provided. You are highly professional, extremely dedicated, and very good at what you do. The quality of your services is reflected in the wonderful position that I landed with your help![/quote]

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