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Career Potential, LLC publishes the free e-newsletter, “Your Career Advocate.” To subscribe to this useful online publication, simply enter your name and e-mail address in the “Special Report” box on the left side of this web page. All past issues are accessible below.

Current Year Editions

2021 Editions:

  • November 2021: Congratulations! You Got The Job!
  • October 2021: Reflections on Networking
  • September 2021: Follow-Up Steps After The Interview: Strategies to Help You Get the Offer
  • July 2021: Questions You Can Ask at the Interview
  • June 2021: 10 Challenges Senior Executives Face in the Job Search
  • April 2021: The Perfect Match Letter
  • March 2021: It’s Not About The Job; It’s About Your Life!
  • February 2021: Starting Over: Handy Hints and Simple Suggestions for Finding a New Job
  • January 2021: Managing Career Uncertainty During COVID and Beyond

2020 Editions:

  • November 2020: Steps to Get the Job – TV Interview with Career Coach Ford R. Myers
  • October 2020: Reinventing Your Career – Interview with Career Coach Ford R. Myers and TV Host Lynn Doyle
  • September 2020: Get The Job You Want – Interview: Career Coach Ford R. Myers with TV Host Steve Highsmith
  • July 2020: Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring – Q & A with Author Ford R. Myers
  • June 2020: About Personal Branding
  • May 2020: Productive Career Strategies During The Coronavirus Pandemic
  • April 2020: Good Perspectives for Tough Times – Benefits of Using a Career Coach in a Bad Economy
  • March 2020: The Many Faces of Job Interviews
  • February 2020: Performing an Internal Career Audit
  • January 2020: Assimilating Into Your New Position

2019 Editions:

  • November 2019: Questions to Ask at a Networking Meeting
  • October  2019: The Client’s Role in a Successful Career Coaching Relationship
  • September 2019: How to Differentiate Yourself During a Job Search
  • July 2019: Negotiating Your Compensation – Part Three
  • June 2019: Negotiating Your Compensation – Part Two
  • May 2019: Negotiating Your Compensation – Part One
  • April 2019: Perpetual Career Management – The Interview
  • March 2019: Working With Executive Recruiters
  • February 2019: 10 Challenges Senior Executives Face in the Job Search
  • January 2019: Beating The Sunday Night Blues

2018 Editions:

2017 Editions:

  • November 2017: Flip The Script For Career Success
  • September 2017: Retirement: A Natural Evolution of Career Development
  • July 2017: 10 Tips for Summer Job Search Success
  • June 2017: Congratulations on Your New Job! Now Position Yourself for the Future
  • May 2017: The Perfect Match Letter
  • April 2017: The Importance of “Third Party Validation” in Job Search
  • March 2017: 12 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers in a Down Market
  • January 2017: Creating and Formatting YOUR Exceptional Resume

2016 Editions:

  • December 2016: Top 10 Holiday Tips for Career Success
  • October 2016: Feature Article: Identifying Your Top Values (And Knowing What To Do With Them)
  • September 2016: Interview Questions You Can Ask – Generic and Specific
  • June 2016: Sales 101 in Job Interviews
  • May 2016: Plug Into the Competition and Win
  • April 2016: Career Success Requires Parallel Paths
  • March 2016: Use of The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Outplacement
  • February 2016: Red Flags” – Warning Signs to Watch-Out For in Job Search
  • January 2016: New Year, New Career: The Power Plan for Career Success in 2016

2015 Editions:

  • November 2015: It’s Not About The Job; It’s About Your Life!
  • September 2015: The Shoo-in Trap
  • June 2015: Closing the Interview “Deal”
  • May 2015: Performing an Internal Career Audit
  • April 2015: Thinking of Changing Careers? Here’s How to Get Started.
  • March 2015: The Power of “Pull Marketing” in Your Job Search
  • February 2015: Glassdoor’s Important New Report: “The Inaugural Best Jobs in America for 2015”
  • January 2015: New Year, New Career: The Six-Step Power Plan to Achieve Career Success in 2015

2014 Editions:

Archived editions of “Your Career Advocate” go back many years, and can be made available upon request.

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