Praise for Career Potential

On behalf of our management team, I want to express our sincere appreciation for the seminar and other services you provided to our supervisors and employees. Your presentation was very efficient and effective. Thank you for your interest and commitment!W. McTigue, Human Resources Executive

On behalf of our Officers and Board Members, I would like to thank you for all your preparation for today’s seminar. It was obvious that you spent considerable time and effort to create a meaningful and informative presentation. Many of the attendees told me how much they learned from the program!S. Morris, Non-Profit Professional

Your book is excellent and I bought 7 of them to share with our leadership team. Our division is being eliminated, so many leaders with many years of experience are having to look for their next career. Your book is exactly what we needed. Thank you – this is excellent work!K. Hartvickson, Director of Human Resources

It was such a great pleasure having you speak at our organization last week. Thanks for the quality time and yet another ‘first class’ presentation to our professional networking group. I can tell from the feedback, questions and interest that your informal style (and interactive presentation) were very well-received. Lot’s of good information! It is always refreshing to hear from someone (like you) who has a real passion to help people and enjoys what they truly like to do. Learning, understanding and dealing with career transition issues is a very important subject for all of us. Again, your wonderful help, support and interest are most appreciated!D. Schwartz, ChemPharma

Once again, you ‘wowed’ them. There was never any doubt about that. People new to the market need to hear your message. I hope you had as much fun as the group did. You were a real hit!S. Leibert, Technology Professional

Thank you sincerely for making available your caring talent, and for taking us senior staffers deftly through the seminar. We have benefited greatly, and anticipate further study and application. With appreciation and kindest regards.T. Horrocks, Association Director

It is very, very clear that you are knowledgeable about the topic you presented on. You gave a lot of solid examples and very practical strategies. I spoke to several people after the session, and they got real value from the content!P. Hilt, Consultant and Coach

During the past few years, our company has taken major steps and grown considerably. We can trace these successes directly back to your on-going contributions as our consultant. We simply couldn’t have done it without you!S. Roberts, Design Firm Principal

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your seminar. I am going to work at implementing all of your strategies, to truly move my career forward. Thanks for so clearly identifying those elusive ‘secrets of success.’ Count on me to provide you with a success story of my own, to use in one of your future presentations!K. Kelly, University Administrator

I want to thank you for the work you did to develop our presentation. You were extremely professional, insightful and responsive as you developed and presented the session. Everything went so smoothly. The program was well-organized and enlightening. It was a pleasure to work with you!B. Losey, Pharmaceutical Executive

Thank you for providing the career seminar. We received excellent feedback from the candidates regarding your program. I’ll be sure to refer other executives to your consulting firm!C. Wright, Human Resources Executive

Your presentation was definitely a 5-star performance! You presented the information in an easy-to-use framework and supported your topic points with useful examples. The handout was a great reference guide for implementing the concepts.R. Schilling, Human Resources Executive

I want to thank you for a very informative seminar this morning. I have never known about most of these insights. These were some of the most informative hours I have spent learning about why I have been so under paid. I look forward to the possibility of working with your organization in the future!W. Tambor, Architect


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