Career QuickStart Program


Career QuickStart is a 1-month, accelerated coaching program which helps candidates get their careers moving forward in the least amount of time – with positive, tangible results. This is the best choice for employers whose time constraints or budget limitations make our other career programs impractical.

The Coaching Process

This program is based on the strategies, resources and tools in The Ultimate Career Guide. As an added bonus, the ‘Deluxe Binder and CD Package’ is included with every Career QuickStart program.

How This Program Works

Career QuickStart offers many advantages over traditional career coaching programs, including:

  • Value: This program is the most affordable level of one-on-one career coaching; yet participation has a strong and lasting impact.
  • Speed: In this accelerated, 4-week program, participants get ramped-up quickly, and start seeing positive results almost immediately.
  • Productivity: This program greatly increases participants’ productivity, focus and confidence. It provides a structure for accountability and a detailed plan of action, which continues long after the formal program ends.
  • Action-Oriented: Candidates benefit from fresh ideas and new perspectives shared by their Career Coach. The focus is on rapid implementation, specific action and proven tactics.

The 1-month Career QuickStart process is highly structured, with specific activities to be completed each week and regular “progress checks.”

Although this program is designed to be more independent than Career Potential’s other offerings, the program’s core consists of four intensive coaching calls. Career QuickStart candidates also benefit from regular e-mail access to the Career Coach and brief phone calls between scheduled sessions.

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