Career Partner Program


This premier, 6-month career coaching program offers senior executives the most intensive one-on-one counsel, strategy and support. Candidates enter into a “partnership” with their Senior Career Consultant, with whom they work very closely throughout their entire career transition process.

The Coaching Process

The Senior Career Consultant takes candidates through a comprehensive career analysis to discover what they really want, and then plans a strategy to get them there. By going through our proprietary 5-phase career coaching process, we implement a detailed plan of action that leverages the candidate’s proven strengths and build his or her career to even higher levels of success!

How This Program Works

Although every client is different, the Career Partner engagement typically includes:

  • Exploration of professional background, including personal values, work history, education, goals, etc.
  • Evaluation of career strengths, styles, and preferences – including formal career assessments
  • Discussion, analysis, and selection of potential career paths
  • Strategies for researching selected careers and job alternatives
  • Action planning, implementation help with the search campaign, and on-going support
  • Preparation of the resume, as well as many other vital “self-marketing” documents and tools
  • Career coaching in specific job-seeking skills, such as networking, interviewing, etc.
  • Intensive guidance through negotiations, offers, and comparison of opportunities
  • Assimilation coaching (into the new position), to ensure a successful “landing”

Counselor, coach, editor, strategist, advocate, mentor, “sounding board” – the Senior Career Consultant will probably fulfill all these roles at different times in the coaching relationship. There is a personal commitment between Career Potential and every client. We see it as a partnership aimed at a single goal: helping candidates create and sustain the kind of careers they really want!

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