Career Development Coaching


Career Development Coaching unlocks an executive’s potential to maximize his or her professional performance and achieve desired goals. Our customized approach helps clients to learn and develop in a way that works best for them, rather than “teaching” a pre-packaged curriculum. The Senior Consultant identifies persistent management challenges and obstacles to career growth – and offers pragmatic, personalized strategies for greater success.

The Career Development Coaching Process

After an initial meeting, client and Consultant determine together the most appropriate program for the participant. Career Potential, LLC does not offer pre-packaged or “canned” coaching programs. Instead, we focus on each client’s specific needs and expectations before making recommendations.

How This Program Works

With every individual executive engagement, clients receive the benefit of confidential, one-on-one consulting sessions with a Senior Consultant, either in person or via telephone. Our executive consulting process also includes:

  • Comprehensive assessments that define the client’s behavioral style, management approach, professional strengths, personal preferences, and ideal work environment
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support between sessions
  • Access to a career expert who will provide constructive feedback – and act as sounding board, professional advisor, and career advocate
  • Alignment of professional activities and plans with organizational goals
  • Clear definitions of career priorities, values and needs – and the introduction of mechanisms to consistently meet those criteria
  • Accountability for performance, and for keeping career commitments over a sustained period
  • Celebration of positive, measurable career development achievements

Career Potential has the experience and skill to get your people to their next level of performance. This, in turn, helps your company to achieve its broader business objectives and attain marketplace success.

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