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RetireVision ProgramSM

This unique, 3-month program engages clients in creating a new vision for retirement. That’s why we named it the “RetireVision” Coaching Program. Rather than an “ending,” retirement is actually an opportunity to experience transformation and renewal.

Traditionally, retirement meant leaving your long-term job with a pat on the back and a gold watch – “liberated” to pursue nothing more than rest and relaxation. The definition of retirement has typically been “having enough money to stop working.”

But in today’s world, retirement is much more complex than that. It impacts every facet of your life. It is now common for people to live in retirement for 20, 25, even 30 years or more. Clearly, it’s time to change the way we view retirement!

The Consulting Process

The RetireVision Coach guides you in discovering “what’s next” and helps you navigate through the important transitions that retirement brings. Our systematic coaching process ensures that this next chapter of your life can be the best chapter of your life.

This coaching program offers the chance to explore your passions, pursue new adventures, and experience greater meaning. With proper planning and support, you can enjoy a dynamic retirement filled with vitality and purpose!

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Who We Work With

Our RetireVision Coaching Program is designed for those who want to approach retirement with an inspired vision and a solid plan. It’s for people who want much more out of retirement than simply to “stop working.” The program is for senior executives and accomplished professionals who:

  • Are seeking a retirement expert to serve as a coach and “sounding board”
  • Want a retirement experience that will be proactive and intentional; not reactive and passive
  • Are thinking seriously about retirement, but don’t know where to start or what questions to ask
  • Are motivated to build a satisfying retirement, with continuing personal growth and purpose
  • Don’t just want to retire FROM something; but want to retire TO something
  • Would like support and accountability in implementing their retirement plan

How This Program Works

RetireVision is a personalized, one-on-one coaching relationship that helps you move from uncertainty and anxiety to clarity and confidence.

The program consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1. Assessment and Discovery. Phase one includes the initial “intake,” consultation and overview. We do several assessments and interpret the reports with a focus on making the results practical and tangible. Then we explore actual retirement options and ideas, to get the client pointed in the right direction.
  • Phase 2. Planning and Implementation. We delve deeper into the retirement coaching process with powerful questions and intensive exercises, supported by consistent planning and structure. By the end of Phase Two, the client has a clear vision for his or her retirement and starts taking action.
  • Phase 3. Support and Accountability. This phase provides on-going retirement coaching as the client expands and refines his or her retirement plan. With the coach’s continuing guidance and support, the client adjusts and adapts as needed, to stay on course and produce optimal retirement results.

RetireVision Coaching sessions are conducted in person, by phone or via video chat. This means that the program is equally effective with local and “long distance” clients.

For clients whose retirement is imminent, the new plan can be implemented immediately. For those who are targeting a future retirement date, everything that is developed in the RetireVision Coaching Program can be retained and applied whenever the client is ready.

The Retirement Consulting Relationship

In a fully-confidential manner, your RetireVision Coach provides the guidance you need, offering the insight and experience to help you create your ideal retirement. If you lose focus or get “stuck,” the coach provides the structure and accountability to help you regain momentum.

Whether you have a good idea of what your retirement will look like – or you have no idea where to start – your RetireVision Coach will help move your retirement journey forward.

Request Your Complimentary RetireVision Consultation

This confidential phone consultation is 100% focused on your retirement questions and concerns. It’s also a great way to explore if our RetireVision Coaching Program would be right for you!

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