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Every person who comes to Career Potential, LLC has different needs and goals, so each client produces different results. The outcomes of our career coaching programs are consistently very positive – and often transformational. In fact, we frequently receive letters of appreciation, many of which are featured on the left side of this web site’s pages. Career Potential can help you find your dream career too!

Here are just a few examples of the successes our clients have achieved:

New position created: A banking officer who had been downsized had a new position created for him by a leading corporation within three months of his layoff. Using Career Potential’s negotiating methodology, he was offered a much higher level of responsibility, earning more than twice his previous salary.

Successful career change: A Sales Manager in the consumer products industry was exploring a major career shift into the training field. With guidance and support from her Career Potential Consultant, she secured a part-time training contract with a prominent consulting firm. Within four months, this role evolved into her new position as a full-time Vice President in charge of consulting and training programs company-wide.

Promotion to senior management: A client in the financial investment industry seeking to expand his job scope presented a carefully-crafted proposal to his Board of Directors. He was soon promoted to senior management and invited to establish an international division in London.

A medical breakthrough: Although she was very confident of her medical abilities, this young physician was concerned about negotiating a higher salary. She had always been told that “the starting salaries of the medical staff are set in stone.” After working on her negotiation skills for several weeks, she was able to dramatically increase the value of competing offers at two prestigious hospitals – and she accepted her ideal position with a compensation package that was much higher than she ever expected.

Renewed passion for work: Although he had achieved significant success in the pharmaceutical field, this client was very unhappy with his career. Assessments and in-depth consulting revealed that he yearned to work in higher education. After networking his way effectively into a highly-respected university, he was offered a senior-level position in academic administration. He is now very passionate about what he calls “his dream career.”

Increased salary offer: On the basis of documented research into comparable salaries, a client seeking an equity position as President and CEO of a building materials manufacturer increased his salary offer by 30% and acquired significantly more stock options.

By working with Career Potential, you’ll be in a position to tell a wonderful “career success story” of your own!

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