Ford R. Myers has been a seminar leader, speaker and group facilitator for more than 20 years. His presentations are upbeat and fast-moving – while being structured and content-rich. Developed to foster group participation and learning, they are also highly interactive. Participants leave these sessions with a great deal of practical knowledge and answers to their career questions.

“You are an effective and engaging communicator, and it’s a pleasure to attend your seminars. Your advice is so to-the-point and substantive. It’s not just the vague ideas or simplistic job-hunting principles I’ve heard from other career speakers. It’s real, hands-on tactics and proven strategies I can put to use right now, complete with step-by-step guidance. Thank you!”
– A. Jannette

Attendees consistently report feeling motivated and inspired by the experience – with a clearer understanding of their career directions, their objectives, and the action steps to get them there.

Watch the video below for a sample of Ford’s speaking.

These programs have been presented to groups of all sizes, in every industry and at all professional levels. Presentation topics include:

  • Position Yourself for the Future
  • Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring
  • The Job Seekers’ Tool Kit
  • 10 Vital Strategies to Maximize Your Career Success
  • Interviewing for Success
  • Survive and Thrive: Taking Care of Your Job and Yourself During Tough Times
  • Re-Discovering Your Career Passion
  • The Power Plan for Career Success
  • Salary Negotiation: the Rules of the Game
  • You’ve Landed the Job; Now What?
  • 20 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers
  • Perpetual Career Management
  • How to Stand-Out in a Very Competitive Job Market
  • Accomplishment Stories: Your Most Powerful Tool to Get the Job Offer
  • Networking: the Core of Your Career
  • Exploring Self-Employment Options

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“Your presentation was definitely a 5-star performance! You presented the information in an easy-to-use framework and supported your topic points with useful examples. The handout was a great reference guide for implementing the concepts.”
– R. Schilling

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